Start-up, Walk-through and Winterization Defined:


Includes turning on the water, checking sprinkler heads and valves for proper function and coverage, setting the controller, make needed minor adjustments and determining if there are any needed repairs.


Includes checking sprinkler heads and valves for proper function and coverage, check and reset controller if necessary, make needed minor adjustments and determine if there are any needed repairs.


Purging the system free of water and tag the shut-off valves to help prevent the water from inadvertently being turned on during the winter months. 

Follow Through and Guarantee

We train you to use your new system and provide you with a watering schedule and a detailed drawing. During your walkthrough we show you how your system works, including the use of the controller, as well as component locations. We cover your new system with a 2 year guarantee against defect on materials and workmanship.

Value. Because of our quality workmanship and water saving components our system is an excellent value. It will work efficiently and virtually trouble free. Water will be conserved and maintenance costs will be minimal.

We provide prompt, efficient, courteous, responsive service. With our experienced well trained staff and size we are able to provide unsurpassed service.

In the Field - Repairs

Whether Colton Underground Sprinklers or another company installed your sprinkler; our technicians are qualified, ready and able to service your system. Our technicians offer the expertise of more than 40 years experience. Their knowledge and ability ranges from the oldest hydraulic systems to the most current state of the art, cutting edge technology in the industry. We humbly and with deep conviction, believe if one of our service technicians cannot fix the irrigation problem, no one can.

Our service technicians arrive in fully stocked service trucks. Very rarely do we need to return to complete a job due to not having parts stocked in the truck.

Colton Underground Sprinklers is a full service landscape irrigation (sprinkler) company. 

 Spring Start-Ups,  Installation  on  new  or  existing  lawns,  Repairs  and  Winterizations. 

In the Office

Colton Underground Sprinklers has a full time customer service department for scheduling service and

maintenance calls.   They are also happy to answer questions, giving phone assistance when possible.

Our goal is to provide professional, prompt, efficient and courteous service.

Our Services

License, Bonded and Insured
Alaska Contractor License #31858, AK Business #313479 MOA General Contractors License  #CON2539

Let Us Simplify Your Life!

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Colton Underground Sprinklers proudly features irrigation components from Hunter Industries, the leading manufactures of professional quality irrigation products. We install a full line of sprinklers, from the PGJ rotor for small to medium lawns, PGP for medium to large lawns, the I-25 through the I-40 for those specialty jobs and a full line of sprays for small areas, shrubs & irregular shapes.

We use Hunter automatic valves and controller (or timer) allowing you to program different areas of your landscape for watering at different days and lengths of time to ensure that each landscape area gets the right amount of water. A Hunter Rain-ClikTM sensor can be added to compensate for rainfall.

Be assured that whatever your project requires Colton Underground Sprinklers, along with Hunter products will be able to handle it.

Installation - New or Excising Lawns

Our installation crews follow our innovative techniques to minimize disruption to your landscape. We give great attention to careful yard preparation. We install pipe the "trenchless way".  With our equipment we can install a brand new irrigation system in an existing lawn with minor disruption, growing back within a month. Note, in the picture, the visible cut is barely noticeable as the machine moves forward. We preserve your existing turf and clean up after ourselves.  When we are finished, you will own a lawn sprinkler system that will keep your landscape green, healthy and always looking great.

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